On 1st June 2011, the video surveillance system of Golmud-Lhasa Section of Qinghai-Tibet Railway began installed front-end equipment. At present all equipment have been installed, this project used China sheenrun optics&electronics co.,ltd laser night vision camera and thermal imaging camera.

Golmud-Lhasa Section of Qinghai-Tibet Railway east from Golmud and the west end lasa, with the total length at 1118km. The whole environment across this line is high coldness and low air pressure. It is the highest railway in the world. Because of this, the requirements to the equipments are of strict and high standard. In order to satisfy the special needs, Sheenrun did a lot of tests especially for the harsh environment and all the products supported have passed the third party test of low temperature, low air pressure and electromagnetism compatibility. At last, Sheenrun successfully won the tender because of its good quality of products, better performance of camera, strong R&D ability, authorized certification and also many application cases in railway. At the wudaoliang station where 4636meters above sea level finished the testing of sheenrun equipment for May, the performance of equipment was praised by Railway Company and experts.

During the construction process, in order to keep the construction be completed on time, www.lswdd.icupany technical personnel overcome abominable plateau environment came to the spot to direct installation. We believe sheenrun night vision equipment can conquer the roof of the world Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.